We suggest that a “Purple Wave” or “Upgrade Wave” will bring about the upgrades that most people really want!” Not in the USA? Maybe your country would benefit from a “Purple Wave” in the USA and perhaps you need a “Purple Wave” where you are!

Why purple? When you mix red and blue, the color you get is purple 🙂

The Purple Wave works at the state level with a few upgrades to the Constitution (Amendments). Let’s upgrade the USA to be more like England and India which have a “no-confidence option” so Parliament can call for a special election if they lose confidence in their leader! The No-Confidence option (28th Amendment to U.S. Constitution) would have these features:

  • Three fourths of the U.S. Senate or three-fourths of the state legislatures could vote that they have no confidence in the current President and his or her successor. A Special Election would be held within 90 days. The Federal Election Commission shall maintain an ongoing registry of candidates to advertise the candidates and to prevent confusion due to duplicate names.
  • The Special Election and all future presidential elections shall be by the “Ranked Voting” method from among 10 choices. A mailed-in ballot shall be used to prevent computer-based fraud. The Electoral College is no longer to be used for electing a President.
  • A Special-Election President has the added power to review and to re-appoint new people in place of anyone appointed by the most recently elected President or his/her successor. New appointees must still be approved by Congress.
  • If the Special-Election President is sworn in within two years of the end of term of the existing President, then the Special Election President will remain in office for the next term as well, or in other words, the term shall be 6 years or less. That person could also be elected for a subsequent term of office to comply with presidential term limits.

* * *

How strong is your desire for change?   Would you benefit from upgrades such as:

  • “Social Security 2.0”
  • “Office of the Presidency 2.0” Let’s have the option for a no-confidence vote so we can enjoy new leaders as needed like it is in England, Germany, India, and other countries.
  • FEMA 2.0 Lets handle economic disasters and improved preparation and responses.

We also have projects such as:

  • “The Upgrade Show”
  • “Make Movie” Robot Action Team Saves the World! — Just a movie, or for real!”

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