We run campaigns and projects as a way to pursue our goals. Members and sponsors receive newsletters with more details.

Upgrade Democracy Let’s upgrade the USA to be more like England. We should be able to get a new President at any time through a vote of No-Confidence! Become a member and help us upgrade the USA!
National Treasure Promotion of our main platform which is:

Rise of the Robots Will robots take our jobs or upgrade our lives? Lets see!
Be Prepared When we see disasters on TV, we see people in “camping mode” who clearly were not prepared for no power, no fuel or no food. See our Upgrades page. Are you “Camp Ready?”

The Upgrade Show We will put a collection of useful and fun ideas from many books into the Upgrade Show
Make Movie Making a movie gives us a way to:

  • create models of a futuristic infrastructure and the programming that drives it.
  • build simple robots and robot commander interfaces
  • show what the best tools can do to upgrade the world!

Since we are science-fiction oriented, our proposed movie title is:

Robot Action Team Saves the World!
Just a Movie, or FOR REAL!

We would like the movie to have a fun feeling like the Guardians of the
and some political drama like “V for Vendetta“.

National Treasure

A National Debt represents a burden that is passed onto future generations. A National Treasure is a gift to future generations. We suggest that Affordable Housing and Advanced Infrastructure be part of our National Treasure.

Rise of the Robots

This book talks about the great challenge facing society from job loss due to robots. Let’s use robots (tools) to upgrade our future!