The Upgrade Show

Politicians mostly give pep talks, with little substance. That’s because most people do not want lectures, they want to feel better after a talk 🙂

Business people don’t mind a short lecture, as long as they hear important advice on how to stay in business or get ahead! They know that just one idea can make a huge difference in their business!

Our optimistic presentation is called “The Upgrade Show”, with:

  • The story from the Bible about perhaps the worst economy ever.
  • Stories from ancient Rome that seem to apply today!
  • Stories from the Great Depression (Studs Terkel), including The Shortage-Based Economy, also called ‘No Profit Without Shortage’.
  • The wage distribution curve and why you should be in favor of unions.
  • Politics 101. Are you a Public Policy Proposer?
  • When Trouble Comes, Boom and Bust Cycles
  • Money on Main Street — city Income, Circulation and Expenses (Remember ICE)
  • City Cash Flow and the Movement of People
  • Basic Human Income (BHI)
  • The National Treasure — Affordable Housing for Special Interests and Futuristic Infrastructure
  • Our wish list for new laws and amendments.

We would also like to present:

  • Women in Science Fiction A short, light-hearted talk about the change from ‘Men as Protectors’ to ‘Women as Protectors’ in Science Fiction and in society
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