The Upgrade Show 2.0

The Upgrade Show is a Reality-TV type show using Zoom so people can participate in our activities.

Politicians mostly give pep talks, with little substance. That’s because most people do not want lectures, they want to feel better after a talk 🙂

Business people don’t mind a short lecture, as long as they hear important advice on how to stay in business or get ahead! They know that just one idea can make a huge difference in their business!

Our optimistic presentation is called “The Upgrade Show”, with:

  • The story from the Bible about perhaps the worst economy ever.
  • Stories from ancient Rome that seem to apply today!
  • Stories from the Great Depression (Studs Terkel), including The Shortage-Based Economy, also called ‘No Profit Without Shortage’.
  • The wage distribution curve and why you should be in favor of unions.
  • Politics 101. Are you a Public Policy Proposer?
  • When Trouble Comes, Boom and Bust Cycles
  • Money on Main Street — city Income, Circulation and Expenses (Remember ICE)
  • City Cash Flow and the Movement of People
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI) — started in Roman times as bread and circuses
  • The National Treasure — Affordable Housing for Special Interests and Futuristic Infrastructure
  • Our wish list for new laws and amendments.

We would also like to present:

  • Women in Science Fiction. A short, light-hearted talk about the change from ‘Men as Protectors’ to ‘Women as Protectors’ in Science Fiction and in society

By sponsoring The Upgrade Show, you will see parts of the full presentation as it is developed!