You earn referral rewards (dollars and points) when someone buys anything from our site and they enter your referral code at the checkout.

Maybe you can earn a little… Maybe a lot.

When you become a member of this site, your first step is to create a referral code that you can use in your marketing efforts.

We also add a little from the sales from the people you sign up (one level only). Yes, that is multi-level marketing, but it is a time-honored way to get things going 🙂 These amounts can change, but at this time, we offer a commission of $1 for every $5 of the membership fee when someone signs up and uses your referral code. When others sign up from “your direct members” then you also get 25 cents. This is only one layer of commissions or in other words, you don’t earn commissions from subsequent sales. You also earn points!

Membership $1
2nd-level Membership $0.25
Course completion by referred person $100

The dollar amount can be sent by direct deposit to your checking account. This is taxable income, so if you earn more than $600, you will have to complete an IRS form for tax purposes. Affordable Housing Points are not transferable to others. Rescue points and Vacation points are transferable. Points might have a greater value for senior citizens or the handicapped, depending on the situation.

Bonus! You get a credit for double the dollars shown if you spend it with us for a class or event! In other words, if you have $100 in your balance, that would be worth $200 for a class or event!


Feel free to use social media to mention our site and projects. Include your referral code or income name when you mention us to you can earn points and dollars for your efforts.

As we develop marketing materials, we will add them here. If you were logged in as a member, the marketing materials would have your referral code or income name already included.

Greetings. You must sign in as a member to see your balances of referral income and points.