Purple Wave

Recently, the U.S. had a political "red wave" because people wanted "change".
Now many people want a "blue wave" because they want change.

Could a "purple wave" bring the changes that people really need?
Why purple?   Purple is the color you get when you mix red and blue :)

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Operation Purple Wave uses historical and science-fiction perspectives to answer: 
"what shall we do next?"

Upgrade Democracy

Let us have the "No Confidence Option" that England, India, and other countries have.  Let us have a Special Election for a new leader whenever we need one!

Let us have the Anti-Corruption Act as proposed by Elizabeth Warren!

National Treasure

Some countries have a Sovereign Wealth Fund.  Other countries have National Debt.

What are we doing to build our National Treasure?  Want affordable housing?

Advanced Infrastructure

What can we do about traffic jams?

What is a futuristic infrastructure?

How could we greatly reduce our energy use?

Operation Purple Wave is a real adventure!

Would you benefit from Social Security Version 2.0, FEMA 2.0, and Congress 2.0?

Join us and find out as we work on needed upgrades!